Monday, 14 September 2009

I Really AM Crafting!

I have finished a necklace which is one of my final pieces for my C and G course. I need to make matching earrings for it. I am waiting for a bead delivery before I can start another necklace for the course. I also have a lariat to make and the final BIG piece for the course, which has to be from our own design. I have until November. At least I have done most of the writing up for each piece.

I do have a photograph of the finished necklace, but it is not very good, so I want to get a better one.

Diet still going well, despite a big upset yesterday, which nearly had me reaching for the biscuits. I have my first weigh-in tomorrow, so please send me really positive vibes at around 9.45am...

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Lindsay said...

Crossing my fingers for you