Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Weight Loss

2.5lbs this week, so 9 in three weeks. I was really hoping for more, because of all the exercise I am doing, but I am still pleased. I got my 'Silver 7' today. We had to discuss setting a goal for the next twelve weeks (before Christmas!) and I decided on 7lbs. That would take me over a stone and doesn't put too much pressure on me. I tend to go off the rails if I look at further than 7 days away.
Anyway, I can really notice the loss in my body and it is giving me a lot more confidence. I feel fitter and more toned from the gym work. All good.


Leah said...

Congratulations. I'm sure you'll easily reach your next goal.

I've swam 4 miles already - but need to stop munching biscuits to see if there's been any effect on my old wobbly bits!!

Lindsay said...

Yay well done and good luck with your goal