Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Started at Weight Watchers!

I re-joined yesterday and it was pretty much as I expected. I managed to stick to the plan all day and even saved three points for today. I also earned three at the gym, but I am trying to ignore those to see if they help increase my loss. I made a lovely chicken korma for dinner last night, from a WW cook book. Tonight is minced beef cobbler.

I know it is too soon to make a difference, but I did feel slightly fitter walking to school today - it must be a positive mental thing!

I am still crafting. In fact, I took a cross-stitch on holiday and did loads of that. I can't take a photo though as it is going to be a gift for someone. I will post a pic when it has been given to the recipient. I am also doing some beading for my C and G course, and frantically writing up course work so I am not too far behind. The course finishes in November and I still have so much work to do.


cupotea said...

Best of luck, I read your previous entry as well and a lot of it applies to me as well - I don't think of myself as 'big' but then I'll see an unflattering photo and realise that I have a heck of a lot of weight to lose!
I tried WW and Slimming World and am beginning to think about going back to one of them now the schools are back.
I'll be checking back to see how you are getting on - hopefully it will motivate me to get on with it too!

Stephanie said...

I can identify with everything you have said! All the best with WW and I hope you get lots of motivation. I am glad the bag arrived safely and that you like it :)