Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Weight Loss

2.5lbs this week, so 9 in three weeks. I was really hoping for more, because of all the exercise I am doing, but I am still pleased. I got my 'Silver 7' today. We had to discuss setting a goal for the next twelve weeks (before Christmas!) and I decided on 7lbs. That would take me over a stone and doesn't put too much pressure on me. I tend to go off the rails if I look at further than 7 days away.
Anyway, I can really notice the loss in my body and it is giving me a lot more confidence. I feel fitter and more toned from the gym work. All good.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Lariat For C&G Course

This is one of the pieces that I had to complete for my course. It was actually a nice necklace to make as it worked up really quickly and I almost got it finished during the session at college. It is maybe not something I would wear, but I do like it and it does reflect the light really nicely. The colours were also out of my usual style, but the mix worked well.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Weight Loss

1.5 pounds this week. I was a bit disappointed because I had followed the plan to the letter and exercised a fair bit. Anyway, it is a loss and I have lost nearly half a stone in two weeks. I walked into town (3 miles) today and did an hour at the gym, which should help towards next week's weigh-in.
I feel fitter and I CAN notice little changes in my body. I must keep looking at the positives rather than thinking I need to lose more each week.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Earrings For Course and Blog Giveaway From Calico Heart

Not a good picture of the bag as it is full of my stuff! The inside has a lovely lining and the other side is denimy material. If you want better pictures, go to My Calico Heart Thanks again Stephanie.
The earrings go with the necklace in my last post. I am inordinately pleased with them as they are totally hand-made, except for the ear-wires. I made the hoops and everything...(saddo, but pleased with myself!)

Friday, 18 September 2009

A Few Things I Have Been Doing...

All for my C&G course. We have to make 6 sets of necklaces and earrings. I have yet to make the earrings for the red and black set.

Monday, 14 September 2009

I Really AM Crafting!

I have finished a necklace which is one of my final pieces for my C and G course. I need to make matching earrings for it. I am waiting for a bead delivery before I can start another necklace for the course. I also have a lariat to make and the final BIG piece for the course, which has to be from our own design. I have until November. At least I have done most of the writing up for each piece.

I do have a photograph of the finished necklace, but it is not very good, so I want to get a better one.

Diet still going well, despite a big upset yesterday, which nearly had me reaching for the biscuits. I have my first weigh-in tomorrow, so please send me really positive vibes at around 9.45am...

Friday, 11 September 2009

And More Drivel...

I have managed to stick to the diet this week and have been ignoring any points earned from exercise. Please God (or whoever) let me lose a good amount. I have made a dish from WW cookbooks all week and Mark has been glad about that! Max hasn't though - lots of, 'How much do I have to eat?' Bless him...

Crafting-wise - hmm, well I went back to my C and G course today and began to panic at how much was left to complete. I should really be sitting doing an Apache Leaf necklace rather than blogging, but I am tired and grumpy. I have been getting a craving to make some more cards but I have packed away all my papercraft stuff and really can't be bothered to dig it all out again. I did get some bargain facet beads at the shop that holds my course today - all half price! The shop is Pandorion, and they do have a web-site if you are interested.

So, no pics to show you, although I will be blogging about the fantastic bag I won from Stephanie at 'My Calico Heart'. It is really gorgous and has been put to use already!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Started at Weight Watchers!

I re-joined yesterday and it was pretty much as I expected. I managed to stick to the plan all day and even saved three points for today. I also earned three at the gym, but I am trying to ignore those to see if they help increase my loss. I made a lovely chicken korma for dinner last night, from a WW cook book. Tonight is minced beef cobbler.

I know it is too soon to make a difference, but I did feel slightly fitter walking to school today - it must be a positive mental thing!

I am still crafting. In fact, I took a cross-stitch on holiday and did loads of that. I can't take a photo though as it is going to be a gift for someone. I will post a pic when it has been given to the recipient. I am also doing some beading for my C and G course, and frantically writing up course work so I am not too far behind. The course finishes in November and I still have so much work to do.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

I'm Fat - Time To Do Something...

I asked my husband to take this photo as a 'before' one, so I can remember just how horrible I looked once I have lost the weight. It's funny, I never see myself like this - I skim my reflection in the mirror, and only look at how my clothes look. I look down and see a slim person, because that is how I think of myself...sort of a reverse anorexia!

I had been going to the gym for two months before our holiday in Devon and had thought that I was fit enough to be able to do all the walks we love doing. As it happened, I may have been fittER, but I wasn't fit. My back ached, my legs hurt - sometimes I felt sick with the pain. It did make a difference to our holiday and I felt ashamed.

I knew that I would be going back to Weight Watchers when term started, but I did not really want to go. Now I feel ready to go back and embrace the diet again. I need to or I might be dead in a few years. I am disgusted to say that I need to lose 6 stone to get back to my original goal, but 4.5 would take me back to a 'healthy BMI' weight.

The reason I am posting this is that I would love the support of all you bloggers and readers out there. I will post how well I am doing each week, so that I feel I have to report to someone. It might keep me on the straight and narrow. Wish me luck...