Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Robin's Beads

I just wanted to post a link to Robin's Beads. I placed an order with them at nearly midnight on Sunday night and it arrived this morning! The bead choice there was fantastic and I had a hard job just stopping at the beads I went there to look fact, I bought too much and am off to have another look now!

You can view beads in colour ranges which is fantastic - especially as I went looking specifically for red beads (for a commission).

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Another Cellini Spiral Bracelet

This time in blues and greens. The effect is striking and attractive although the photo doesn't do it complete justice.

Bracelet Commission

Another 'loop-di-loop' bracelet made with size 8 and 11 seed beads. It has silver-lined clear core beads and three shades of silver/grey looping around it. I am very pleased with it and hope that the recipient likes it too.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Embellished Ladder Stitch Bracelets

Taken from the book below. They were really easy to make and 'only' took a couple of hours to do. They are very effective, although I may jiggle the pattern around as they are a little too dainty for me. They will be going in my shop though...

What I Got For Christmas

So, now I have all three! I have already made one of the bracelets in two colour schemes but, for some reason, my blogger won't load them at the moment. They are really pretty though and will be in my shop soon.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Alas, Poor Yorick...

I knew him Horatio.

Yes, I saw Hamlet last night, at the Novello Theatre, Aldwych. It was a fantastic performance, marred only slightly by the fabulous DT having 'hurt his back'.


Anyway, Mum and I had a lovely afternoon in London. I bought some Swarovski 4mm beads in the shop opposite Liberty. We had coffee and cake in the Liberty tea-shop and then I bought a lipstick from Laura Mercier (Shade: 'Peony').

We also had a lovely meal in a little French bistro called Côte. It included a complimentary lemon liqueur at the end, which was rather civilised of them I think...(grin). I must admit to leaving the restaurant a tiny bit worse for wear as I had already had a large glass of Rosé with dinner.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

TTNP - 18th December

Here is the start of another Cellini bracelet/necklace (not sure which yet). Max is off school with Conjunctivitis again today, so I will no doubt get a fair bit done today!

Bracelet For Teacher

This is the bracelet I made for Max's Teacher for Christmas. I have wrapped it in the box it is resting on (also hand-made). It is made using tubular peyote stitch in size 9 beads. I absolutely love the colour scheme and hope she does too. I have been looking at her jewellery for weeks now and she does seem to like beaded things. I am just doing that 'what if she hates it' thing at the moment!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Santa Baby...

Please hurry down the chimney for me...

Coin Purse - any colour scheme - they are all fabulous


Looking for things to buy is a very risky business you know!


I found this lovely crafter on Folksy, when I was looking for a Christmas present for my mum. I ended up buying a bag similar to this one, for a little girl who was having her 8th birthday party last weekend.

The bag was beautifully made and came within two days, in very professional wrapping. The mum told me today that her daughter LOVED it! I would really recommend using this seller.

A Kit Bracelet from Pandorion

I bought this last week, along with two other kits (my Christmas present to myself). I really like it although I would not do the picot edging on future bracelets as it is too dainty for my taste. The facet beads really catch the light and give a little 'bling' to the wrist.


Well, the giveaway prize is being sent today, with a little extra in it. Cod requested a loop-di-loop bracelet, so I gave her the one she liked on my blog. I have also sent a card - hope you like it Cod!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Spiral Staircase Bracelet

TTNP - 11th December

The finished article. I made it similar to the other leaf necklace, but added a 'vine' which twirls all around the leaves. Quite effective although it still requires more work in my opinion.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Talking of My Fantastic Beading Class...

Here is what I made...

It is not the exact pattern as designed by Sue Wheeler of Daisy Beads, because I didn't want to make 40 flowers and leaves! I'm a lazy mare (grin). I will be making another in pinks I think, and will probably make more flowers the next time.

Finished TTNP

This was made for my friend. I finished it on Friday, but was unable to post it as I had a fantastic beading class with Daisy Beaders yesterday.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

TTNP - 4th December

This is being made for a friend who liked the one I made for my MIL. I have nearly finished it now although this photo shows it at around half the necessary length.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Another Square Stitch Motif

Again, my own design. I am really pleased with it and intend to make it into a card.

50th Birthday Card

Another dark picture - blooming Winter!

Christmas Card with Square Stitch Motif

Picture is a little dark I'm afraid but you can see the general idea. I did a class on Saturday that introduced me properly to square stitch and I decided to plan out a small motif on graph paper to see what I could design. Since then, I have done another design which I will blog once it is done.