Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Rope chain stitch bracelet

This pattern for beading was in another issure of Bead magazine. I thought I would give it a go and it was SO easy! I have been suffering from a headache all afternoon as a result of peering at seed beads, but I did enjoy making it. I also really like the blend of colours. The one in the magazine was a bit gaudy - navy/orange/amber - but my mix is more subtle. Unfortunately, I am not very good with the focus on my camera but you should get the general idea!

Monday, 25 February 2008

Pricked fingers and nearly three hours' work down the drain!

I spent three hours making this bracelet and it was going really well - until I cut a thread and cut through one of the loops. Cue me trying to tie two very short threads together and re-loop the two sets of beads that had clattered onto the table. Once the loops had been re-beaded, I then had to make sure that the ends were secure. It was a very trying experience and I am glad to see it finally finished.

I think the effort was worth it, but will be making sure that I get wear out of it!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

I have googley eyes now!

I made another 'Loop-di-loop' bracelet today and really went to town. It looks really pretty and I am going to wear it tomorrow. I really must stop making bracelets as I only have two wrists to wear them all on!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Purple Glass Bead Bracelet

Here is a picture of my latest creation! I am not 100% happy with the way I have attached the strands to the toggle. However, it can easily be altered, although the bracelet does look lovely when being worn anyway. I may just keep it for myself and refine the design if anyone actually orders one.

I had an enquiry about my ear-rings yesterday at work. The person asked if I sold them! I was so excited that people would actually PAY for my work!

Another 'Loop-di-Loop' bracelet - pattern taken from Bead magazine

I am really pleased with how this came out. It was easy to make and only took a couple of hours. The colour mix doesn't come out perfectly on the picture, and it is a lot greener and bluer than it appears here.

The only 'problem' I am finding is how to finish it so it is totally secure. Comments from you experienced beaders would be much appreciated!

Two baby cards and one made from an image in a magazine...

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

OK, I lied about it being the last beading project a few days ago...

I couldn't resist making these ear-rings and they turned out so well that I had to put them on here. They are made of drop beads in clear, frosted white and silver tones.

I also have three shades of pink drop beads and am considering making some in that colour for a friend. They really are simple to make and so effective when you have them in. I wore them today and got several nice comments from people.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Christmas card made for parents...A bit late to blog, but never mind!

The title says it all. I loved this card so much that I wanted to post it on my blog. I used a clip-art image to make the chart and it came out really well.

I have been really busy crafting in the last week or so. It makes me feel so buzzy and happy. The only problem is that real life gets in the way! I sometimes think I am a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, what with cross-stitch, cards, beading and sewing. However, crafting is about making us happy isn't it, and I am certainly not going to make a career of it - so I can please myself as to what to make.

I made a lovely (if I say it myself!) pair of ear-rings this evening. They are similar to the carnival bracelet made for my friend but are in silver, clear and frosted white small drop beads. I have taken pictures, but it was dark, so I will take some more in the daylight tomorrow. They were so easy to make, if fiddley, and came together really well. I will be making more pairs for friends' birthdays in the future.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

And Finally...

For a while, as I have gone back to cross-stitch - the key fob for the second friend's present. I am quite pleased with it and think it will be strong enough to withstand going in and out of a bag. It could also be a bag charm.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Oops - I really have the bug now!

I went a bit mad and ordered loads of beads and findings the other day. Now I just HAVE to use them...

This is the bracelet I have made for one of my friends. The other one only wears gold, so will probably get a key fob in a similar style. I am a bit worried about the suitability of this pattern as a key fob though.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

I've got the beading bug again...

With the success of the last necklace, I decided to try a bracelet made from a pattern in the latest issue of Bead magazine. This one was definitely more fiddley than the last, although the result is nice. I also like the mix of colours on it. The photos are not too clear as it has not been so sunny today.

Carnival Necklace

This necklace was inspired by the first issue of Bead magazine. I found the magazine while looking through an old pile and fancied having a go. It took quite a while and was fiddly, but the concept was really easy to grasp. I loved making it and am going to make a couple of bracelets in the same style for friends.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Easter Swap

This picture shows the items I made for a craft Easter swap I am involved in. I designed the hanging decoration myself on graph paper and then turned it into the decoration by backing it with felt. I am quite pleased with how it came out. I then decided to make a matching card, so used the same template to make the egg on the front. The colours and pattern were also kept as similar as possible. I think they look cute and Easter-y!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Saturday, 9 February 2008


I was feeling a little crafty this afternoon, having bought three books in town (a beading technique one, an embroidery stitch one and, finally, a book about 20 crafters who all have different styles), so I decided to make Mark's Valentines' card. I am quite pleased with how it turned out...

Mothers' Day

Here is the card I have made for my mum. The light is not very good, but the colours are much brighter in real life.

Exploding Gift Box

These seem to have taken off, so I had a play and made one for a friend. The sides fall apart when the lid is removed. I am not sure how practical they are as real gift boxes but they do look nice!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Mothers' Day

My present for mum is finally finished. I have to say that I am very pleased with it, although I did mean to add some whiskers to the design. Never mind, I added the narrative myself and am really pleased with how it turned out.


Still not much crafting going on here! I have made the grand total of three cards and I am not happy with any of them. Seeing as they are the sum total of my work this week, I thought I would post them. I can always remove them...

Friday, 1 February 2008

Woe is me...

Not much crafting going on in this house this week. I am ill with a horrible cold and have made a total of ONE card this week. I am not even happy with it! C'est la week will be different!