Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas Giveaway on Craft Matters' Blog


And, good luck, although not enough to stop me winning!

Twisted Tubular Herringbone With a Special Bead...

This chain was made from a pattern in Bead & Button. I didn't want to make the whole lariat, so I made a short necklace and used one of Hollingdale Design's beads - the ones I had made for me - as a toggle. I think the colours of the lampwork bead complement the seed beads perfectly. I decided that it would be a shame to hide such a beautiful bead at the back of the neck and so made the toggle into a feature. I will wear it as a pendant at the front.

Cellini Spiral

Made from a pattern in Bead Magazine.

Friday, 28 November 2008

And the Winner is...

I drew it yesterday as I wasn't getting many entries. I thought that I would re-do it if I got any today, but I didn't. So, Cod it is!
Cod - Email me and let me know what you would like and in what colour. You know the address...

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Finished Thursday Night Project

Finished on Sunday! The only problem is that one side is slightly thinner than the other - because I ran out of thread and started with the new thread from the wrong end. I only noticed when I had got to the end of the whole thing. Grrrrrr.

Giveaway Extension

As I only had 13 posts on Sunday night, I have extended the giveaway to Friday. I would love as many hits and messages as possible. So, Marie - don't worry, you ARE included!

Friday, 21 November 2008

TTNP - A Little Bit More...

You might be able to see that I managed to add in the bridging beads and facets last night. I also made a start on one of the sides as I finally decided to make it into a full necklace. I haven't done any more though as Mum and I had a lovely day out.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

10,000 Hits Now Reached...GIVEAWAY ACTIVE!!!

As the title says really!

Leave me a message before Sunday night and let me know what type of thing you particularly like on my blog. Who knows, you may get something like it, especially made for you! Also add your favourite colour...

TTNP - 19 Nov 2008

This is what I am currently working on - a necklace from an old copy of Bead magazine. It looked too hard and I put off making it for months, but I decided to have a go yesterday. I still have to finish the 'bridging' of the spirals to secure them and add facet beads in. Then I need to extend it slightly if I go for a bracelet, or a lot if I make it into a full necklace. I am undecided at the moment. I think that the design is very similar to the 'Ogalala' bracelets I made in May. However, the spirals are less lacy and more tight into each other so the end result is completely different.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

NEARLY 10,000 HITS!!!


When I get to 10,000 hits, I will be having a giveaway...

Keep your eyes peeled!


Monday, 17 November 2008

Another Spiral Rope Stitch - With Cubes This Time

This is exactly the same stitch as the previous set of jewellery. However, I swapped the size 6 beads for 3mm cube beads. I love the matte metallic look of the beads and the drop at the end of the toggle chain allows it to hang nicely on the wrist. I am thinking of making a berry version, using hex beads instead of the cubes...keep your eyes peeled!

Finished Commission Pieces

If I say so myself, these do look lovely on. They work up quite quickly once you get into a rhythm but are a really nice stitch.

My Items From IncyWincy

Aren't they gorgeous! I am sending your parcel first class today, when I go and pick Max from school. I love the Russian doll brooch best and think my niece will love the hairslides.
Thanks - you are a STAR!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Spiral Bracelet

I made a necklace months ago and my friend always said that she wanted it. She recently emailed me to ask me to make a matching bracelet. I managed to get two of the four different beads to match perfectly but the other two were slightly wrong and I could see that they were not exactly the same. So, because I didn't have another toggle to match the one on the necklace anyway, I decided to unpick it and start again. I have made the bracelet and the necklace is a WIP. Imagine the bracelet, exactly the same except a few inches longer.

Another Card for Incy!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Christmas Fair

Well, I agreed to have a table at a local school's Christmas fair. I roped Mum in to help with the selling and then realised that I don't have nearly enough stock. So, I have been a busy bee this evening - hence the unfinished TTNP. I am really looking forward to having an opportunity to hear the 'public's' view on my work as well as other crafters. Sometimes I do get wrapped up in what I like and forget that others have to like it too!

And a Bit More of the TTNP!

The Thursday Night Project (13 November) - Crafter..oo Forum

Nothing seemed to go right last night. I started several things and ended up cutting them up to salvage the beads! In the end, I decided to go with a simple tubular herringbone choker/double-wrap bracelet. It is still not finished but I am working hard on it. I went for golds and bronzes as I normally steer clear of gold beads and I wanted to do something different.
I need to start making loads more as I am doing a school Christmas fair on 5th December! Aaaarrrgh!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Incy Wincy - Card for Nana/Grandad

Incy Wincy and I agreed to have a mini swap, just between the two of us, because I wanted some of her hairslides for my niece. She asked me to make this card...
It is A5 in size as I didn't think an A6 card would be good enough. I used Basic Grey 'Figgy Pudding' papers which I am totally in love with! I really hope she likes it.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Smaller Earrings From the Pattern in Last Week's Class

One of the ladies in my City and Guilds class had made another pair of last week's project earrings and was wearing them this week. I really liked them in a smaller version (although I would always wear the larger ones), so I decided to make a pair for my Folksy Shop. These ones use 5mm bugle beads and size 15 seed beads. I changed the ear-wire attachment loop to something a little more dangley.

Monday, 10 November 2008

A Softie From LucyKate Crafts

I have always loved the softies made by LucyKate Crafts and wanted to try the pattern she had as a project in the first edition of 'Sew Hip' magazine. So, here it is. Obviously, I don't have the flair that she has for this kind of thing. Her projects seem to have a life of their own where my copy looks...well, lifeless. BUT, it was only my first attempt.

Cupcake and Butterfly Cards

Just a couple of cards that I have made in the last 24 hours.

Look at These Wonderful Lampwork Beads...

I bought these from Gill at Hollingdale Designs. They arrived in two days, wonderfully packaged, with two chocolates...(yum!)

How lovely are they??? The brown ones were made especially for me and when I looked at them on her site, I also fell in love with the turquoise ones. I will be spending a fair amount of time thinking about what to make with them, but will blog them when I have.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

A Christmas Present for the Friend With the Green Bracelet

I made this jewellery roll this morning, to go with my friend's bracelet and decorated notebook. So, one present down and lots more to go...