Thursday, 20 November 2008

TTNP - 19 Nov 2008

This is what I am currently working on - a necklace from an old copy of Bead magazine. It looked too hard and I put off making it for months, but I decided to have a go yesterday. I still have to finish the 'bridging' of the spirals to secure them and add facet beads in. Then I need to extend it slightly if I go for a bracelet, or a lot if I make it into a full necklace. I am undecided at the moment. I think that the design is very similar to the 'Ogalala' bracelets I made in May. However, the spirals are less lacy and more tight into each other so the end result is completely different.


Whizzz said...

Wow - that looks complicated. I want to give seed beading another go but find it really hard to keep the tension right. Love the autumn colours in that one too

tiggertastic said...

wow this is fantastic, what a excellent make.

sarah x