Sunday, 6 September 2009

I'm Fat - Time To Do Something...

I asked my husband to take this photo as a 'before' one, so I can remember just how horrible I looked once I have lost the weight. It's funny, I never see myself like this - I skim my reflection in the mirror, and only look at how my clothes look. I look down and see a slim person, because that is how I think of myself...sort of a reverse anorexia!

I had been going to the gym for two months before our holiday in Devon and had thought that I was fit enough to be able to do all the walks we love doing. As it happened, I may have been fittER, but I wasn't fit. My back ached, my legs hurt - sometimes I felt sick with the pain. It did make a difference to our holiday and I felt ashamed.

I knew that I would be going back to Weight Watchers when term started, but I did not really want to go. Now I feel ready to go back and embrace the diet again. I need to or I might be dead in a few years. I am disgusted to say that I need to lose 6 stone to get back to my original goal, but 4.5 would take me back to a 'healthy BMI' weight.

The reason I am posting this is that I would love the support of all you bloggers and readers out there. I will post how well I am doing each week, so that I feel I have to report to someone. It might keep me on the straight and narrow. Wish me luck...


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

you know what i think i have reverse anorexia too - i ~KNOW i'm overweight {although i have been bigger} but i just carrying on eating piggy foods and not exercising and when i look at myself in the mirror i think i look fine just a bit of a belly - that's until i see a photo of myself - oh dear.

well done on joining the gym and keep up the good work x

Leah said...

I'll support you.

I need to lose a bit more than you (:O) and I know I need to stop eating crud. As my first love has always been swimming I'm doing a sponsored swim that's spread ocer 12 weeks and covers the equivalent distance of the English Channel!!

DD starts Reception on Tuesday so I'm going to plan into my days going to the pool and hopefully the better eating will follow.

Good luck xx

Lindsay said...

You can do it and I'll be here to cheer you on

Kat said...

Well done, keep up the good work.

I so need to cut out the crap from my diet but if I get down or stressed I just eat.

I'm hoping watching your progress will encourage me to stop moaning and start doing something about my own weight!

Gill said...

I have the same self-image problems too!! The mirror lies but the camera is cruel! I decided a couple of weeks ago that I just had to do something so have been trying to be good and not eat so much rubbish!

Well done on going to the gym!! You'll feel so much better when the pounds start to drop off!! Gx

The Coffee Lady said...

oh, good luck! I do think Weight Watchers is great: I went there a few years ago. I need to lose about 10-14lbs myself, but I can't go to the gym or running because of my knackered knee, which is annoying.

You'll get there, I know it.

Miaou said...

You know what? You are beautiful. And you may need/want to lose weight, but you do not look horrible :o)

Well done on taking the steps, do it for yourself, and celebrate every lost pound. But whatever weight you are, it doesn't detract from the lovely person you are on both the inside and the outside. :o)