Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Weight Loss

1.5 pounds this week. I was a bit disappointed because I had followed the plan to the letter and exercised a fair bit. Anyway, it is a loss and I have lost nearly half a stone in two weeks. I walked into town (3 miles) today and did an hour at the gym, which should help towards next week's weigh-in.
I feel fitter and I CAN notice little changes in my body. I must keep looking at the positives rather than thinking I need to lose more each week.


Leah said...

I found when I did WW that this weeks eating/exercising etc contributed to next week's weight loss - I hope that makes sense!!

Also the time of the month can affect how much you weigh however good you've been.

Well done on nearly 1/2 a stone loss. I've done 156 lengths so far (only 1260 to go!!) xx

Lindsay said...

Any loss no matter how small you feel it is is still a loss and therefore good :)

Hannah said...

I think that nearly half a stone in 2 weeks is amazing!
Even though you don't feel like you have lost much this week, it still adds up plus the walking and exercising will all be helping you feel better (which I think is just as important) xxx