Friday, 12 September 2008

Pocket-money Bracelets

My friend handed me an envelope the other day and asked if I could fix the bracelet inside for her niece. It later transpired that her daughter had accidentally broken her cousin's bracelet and my friend had said, 'I know someone who could fix that for you!' So...when I got it home, I had a look and realised that I didn't have any matching beads to make the repairs with, so would have to start from the beginning and make a new one.

I had a go at making something similar, but couldn't get the thing to go exactly right. I didn't want to let my friend's niece down, so made something else completely, which I hope she will like equally if not more than the original. Then it struck me that my friend's daughter might feel a little sad, so I made a copy for her!
These bracelets took half an hour to make and could be sold for about £4, so would be perfect for fairs and school bazaars - so littlies could buy themselves something sparkley!


KittyKat said...

Ah they're very pretty, am sure the girls will be thrilled with them

Obe's said...

They are great looking I am sure the girls will be happy with the treasure you created!
Have a good weekdend