Monday, 26 October 2009

Final Piece For C&G Course

A mobile phone cover!

The piece had to be something a little different from the work we had previously been doing, with a bit of our personalities thrown in. I spent ages trying to think of something and was originally going to make a framed, beaded picture. The only problem with that was the square stitch, which I HATE. So, I decided to go with tubular peyote and this project came to mind. It is not something I would make again as the time invested was huge and the cost involved was also too much. However, it is my own design and I am pleased that I made it.


Lindsay said...

WOW that is fantastic.

I must be odd because I love square stitch and would do every project in it if I could

Hannah said...

i second the first wow!! I am really impressed with this - you can tell it must have taken ages to make,it really is stunning!!