Thursday, 27 March 2008

Idle Musings...

So many people lately have commented on the fact that I am not actually producing many cards at the moment! I suppose I should change the name of this blog, but all my business cards and stickers have the current name on, so I don't want to change things at this stage.

I suppose the answer is to start blogging more cards!

I am a strange crafter in that I get totally absorbed in one craft to the detriment of all others. Cross-stitching was my 'thing' until a few weeks ago and now beads have taken over. My craft-room floor is strewn with hundreds of seed beads! I have about 8 cross-stitch projects on the go at the moment, but just can't seem to make myself want to complete any of them. The beauty of crafting is that it is so enjoyable. If you have to force yourself to finish something, maybe it is not worth it? I know that the enthusiasm will return at some point, so will go with it when it does.

No doubt, the next few pictures will be jewellery, especially as I have another delivery expected from Beads Unlimited!

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