Friday, 11 May 2012

Life Changes

Well, it has been an age since I posted on here. I have been making things but not consistently, and anything I HAVE made has gone on my Facebook page rather than my blog. Life has been funny lately. I finshed my job as a WeightWatchers leader yesterday, after nearly 21 months. I will now have time to craft more, until I find another job. I finished WW because I can't control my weight unless I can concentrate completely on myself. Much as I have loved the members and clerks at the meetings, it was physically hard work and took up the majority of my time and emotion. My son is looking forward to spending more time with me (he is nearly 11, so that will change soon no doubt!) and I hope to have more energy and verve. I am determined to update this blog more regularly and be a more active member of the crafting community. I would love to design more beading patterns, and set up an online shop selling kits for them.

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x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

look forward to "seeing" you more on crafter...oo and seeing your new designs - a beading kit shop sounds great :)