Sunday, 5 December 2010

So Sorry

I have not posted anything for TOO long. I have been working hard at my Weight Watchers job and have hardly had any time for crafting. I have designed another bracelet, but writing it up is something else! I must do it or I will forget how I did it...

Card-making has fallen by the wayside as all my WW stock is in the way of my craft boxes. I have made sure that my beads are easily accessible though! The intention to bead is there but the time isn't - oh for another two hours in the day and drip-fed caffeine lol.

Anyway, I wanted to post and wish everyone (well, anyone still looking on here!) a very merry Christmas. Happy new year to everyone too.

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gtlady said...

You know when the clocks went back a few weeks ago, I got so much done that day you wouldn't beleive it, just with an extra hour!! Now if someone somewhere could arrange for that to happen every day - just think what we could acheive!!