Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A New Addition To The Family

This is Rosie. We adopted her from the next-door neighbour, with their blessing I hasten to add! She spent most of the summer in our garden and we fell in love with her. When the weather turned cold, we allowed her to stay in the kitchen at night although we were still not feeding her at that point. However, when it got to the point that she was spending ALL her time with us and not going home for her food, I started to feed her. The neighbours were aware of this and happy - they had bought a puppy a couple of months before - so we agreed that she would remain with us.

You have no idea how much having a cat has changed our lives. I love cats but Mark and Max are both allergic to them. Max doesn't care because he loves them too, but we keep her in the kitchen, to minimise the sneeze-causing fluff in the rest of the house. Even Mark finds her cute and talks to her in the morning when he gets up for work. She has become such a part of our family...

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x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

aww how sweet - i'm not a cat person but i like how they choose where they will live! We had a cat like that he moved right across town and we collected him severeal times before realising he'd made his choice! His sister stayed with us though :)