Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cross-Stitcher Project

I bought the latest issue of Cross Stitcher today and in it was a project on ribbon roses. I didn't have any ribbon 4mm or less in width and I noticed that they also suggested using cross-stitch floss. So, I gave it a go, which made me then think of ways to expand on it and make a picture. I am so pleased with the end result that it is going to be a picture for the TA in Max's class who has spent a huge amount of time with him this year.

The embroidery was so quick to do and would look as beautiful with just the roses, put onto a card. I am definitely going to investigate this avenue more...


izabelaitsme said...

they are so sweet :) I love flowers so much - especially handmade

Gemma said...

They're lovely. And what a great present for a TA