Monday, 15 March 2010

Three Stone Lighter!

Ok, so I gained a pound last week, but I have still lost over three stone. I got my dad to take some photos of me. Please ignore my closed eyes in the standing one - I always seem to do this and it was the best one of the three standing ones taken. The others had all been taken from high up and I looked like my legs were two feet long! (sorry dad!)

The sitting one is me with my beautiful son. He is like me in that he can never make a serious face or do a serious pose for the camera. He is naturally more photogenic though ;)
Compare this to my photo in this post and you can definitely see the difference!
Edited to add that I bought my first size 12 jeans today and they are 'skinny' ones!


Miaou said...

Suzanne you look FANTASTIC! Well done you!!

Santuzza said...

Fantastic Suzanne, well done!
(Marina here)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

wow Chick - well done on all your hard work - you're looking amazing.

Lindsay said...

Congratulations, knew you could do it

Hannah said...

well done hun!! you look fabulous :)

fran.newark said...

Sue you look fantastic , Lee said oh my god , Marks a lucky man !!!!!