Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tubby Tuesday

Weigh-in was this morning. I had lost 2.5lbs after all that worrying. So, I am half a pound off my 10% key-ring (whoop whoop!) and nearly a third of the way to goal. Still a long way to go - think tortoise rather than hare - but good nonetheless.
When I get to 2 stone, I may even post another full-length photo. Lots of people who haven't seen me for a while are commenting on how different I look, which always makes me feel good. I had a personal trainer session at the gym yesterday (courtesy of three lovely friends) and even he commented that I 'look well' after not seeing me for three months. He bloomin' nearly killed me but I'll let him off just this once! I managed to do some running too, which is what I really want to be able to do. I have the Race For Life in my sights next year...

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Lindsay said...

Your doing fantastic, keep it up