Monday, 3 August 2009

A Kit from The Bead Merchant

I bought this from the Bead Merchant on Saturday - it was the first Saturday of the month, so the shop was open to real people rather than internet sprites! I bought 4 tubes of beads and three kits (blush), of which this was one. It was easy to make, being Right-Angle Weave (one of my hated stitches) in size 10 triangles, with added size 5 triangles and a picot edge. My friend was wearing one that she had made a while ago and it was so pretty on her that I had to make one too. Her colours were better than this, but I am currently making another one in colours that are more me.


Abi said...

What gorgeous colours, I love the matte and shiny combination...just perfect.

I was just wondering if you'd like to be invited to read my blog, if not no worries lol, but I'm having to make it invite only due to some pests... if you do just mail me, I'll still be watching yours, your beading is gorgeous :D

Lindsay said...

It's gorgeous. They had a busy weekend then because I bought a book off them at Haydock on Sunday!