Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Thursday Night Project - 2 July

I have been playing with netting today, for one of my course final pieces. Unfortunately, this pattern was too damned difficult to pick up easily, as it only came in diagram form. I was not as impressed with the look as I had hoped from the original picture, so I have stopped and will be keeping these pieces for samples in the write up!


Abi said...

I would love to be on a beading course!

Netting has potential, don't put it down forever! I love netting over baubles -

I prefer a tighter more diagonal shape for flat pieces, like this -

It's great as a trim for other stitches too, and you can make it tubular to grasp a string of bigger beads...

I wish I had time to bead! :D

Lindsay said...

Love the colourway of the top one

The Coffee Lady said...

still very very pretty though