Sunday, 5 July 2009

Another Netting Pattern - Nephertiti

I got the pattern for this from the internet. It is so much easier to understand than the last one and, once you have done a few loops, it is not necessary to refer to the pattern. You are supposed to use 4mm facets at all of the junctions, but I decided to also use 10° Toho triangles and 8° seed beads, to make the work curve more. After a section using 4mm facet beads, I decided to cut down the width and only use the triangles and larger seed beads. I really like the effect and am going to make it into a choker for my course. The earrings are already planned too, and I think the whole set will be stunning.


Abi said...

Yes! That's how to do it! You've got it down, well done! It's going to be amazing... I told you netting could be lovely and you proved me completely right :D

Lindsay said...

That looks gorgeous