Sunday, 7 June 2009

Tea-Light Holder

I saw a tea-light holder in The Beader's Bible, by Dorothy Wood. I liked the look of it, but the instructions seemed a little difficult at first glance (mainly because of the way they were set out). I thought that it wouldn't be too difficult to try one for myself, and that at least it would be my own design that way. I got started, initially with a herringbone stitch pattern, but then discovered that I couldn't work out a way to make a flat bottom in it.
Next, I came up with this design (above), using tubular peyote which transforms into herringbone to form the ruffle on the top. I was fairly pleased with it, but realised that I had a split where I had started a new thread. I wasn't as happy with the colour mix as I could have been, so I cut it up to re-use the beads for something else.

I decided that peyote was the way to go for the body of the piece as it was easier to work a bottom from that stitch. I thought that a softer ruffle might be nicer, so I incorporated ogalala lace stitch into the top. I haven't worked the bottom in yet but you can see the general idea from this picture.

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Apryl said...

fab! I love it.. have you lit a candle in one yet?