Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Time For Tea Swap



Fruit Tea - because Vonnie doesn't like it and I am going to MAKE her!

I realised today that the deadline was creeping up on me and I hadn't started my items for Blotted Copy Book. So...I sat down this afternoon and got stuck in. These are the results, which I really like - I hope Vonnie does too...

Amazing what you can do if you have pressure on!


this is the wrong one said...
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The Coffee Lady said...

sorry about the above - wasn't signed in when I commented!

how could you resist anything in an envelope which was so yummy?

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue!! I love love love what you've sent! How thoughtful, I can't wait to get my parcel now - thank you so much petal :) xx

Gill said...

I received some yarn from Vonnie today and, lucky me, she sent me one of the cards - beautiful!! Gx