Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My Recent Purchases...

...well, actually only some of them! Really, I went a little bit mad and am ashamed of how much I have spent, BUT, imagine my delight when I had THREE parcels on my doorstep this morning!

These toggles from this Ebay shop. The service was so speedy and everything was just as I had ordered it.

These buttons from Gill at Hollingdale Designs (see earlier post for link). She included the little flowers for me to use on my cards, and a little bag of chocolate buttons! Again, brilliant service as I only ordered them a few days ago and she had to make them especially for me.

Finally, some of the gorgous selection from Jilly Beads - I have only photographed about a quarter of what I actually bought from them...I just had to keep adding things to the cart. Eventually I made myself stop, but it was a struggle!


Gill said...

Glad you're buttons were ok!! I love that flower toggle clasp! Isn't it great getting parcels (shame we usually have to spend money to get them!) :D

Pips said...

Wow, what a lot of goodies you got! Gill's buttons are so gorgeous and those flower ones with the swirls are my favourite!