Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I spent a long time making a right-angle weave cuff today, using size 8 beads. Once the basic cuff was beaded, I overlaid size 11 beads in the squares created by the original weave. It should have looked stunning and original. Instead, I think I had the tension too tight as it looked like a rippled piece of fishing net! Not my finest hour in the beading world...

I bought some more velcro strips today though, so am going to make a few more jewellery rolls. I have thought of some extra bits I could add on to the basic design which will make the roll more secure for rings and ear-rings. I am looking forward to getting on with that. I also have lately developed a craving for making some more cards. I think I have overdosed on beads recently...

Still looking forward to the Big Bead Show on Saturday though!

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