Monday, 5 May 2008


Seeing as my blog hits are nearing 1,000 and my posts are nearly at 100, I thought now was the time to do a giveaway. Ideas on what to give would be fantastic so please do give me ideas. I was thinking maybe a simple bracelet or a pair of dangly ear-rings. However, I would be happy to give away some cards too. So...please post.

When posting, please add your favourite book. Mine is Pride and Prejudice, closely followed by Sense and Sensibility.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Ooh how fab is your jewellery. Only found you after your giveaway post on mumsnet. Hope you don't mind me entering. Would love any of your stuff but your bracelets are gorjuss!!!
My fave book... hmm... so many... Probably Brideshead Revisited. I could read it again and again.

Katy said...

blimey, fave book. I was talking to DH about it the other day...I couldn't find a definite one, but American Psycho is one of my all time faves, it's the only book that has made me feel physically sick but made me want to read more. (Hmmm, that's not a very light and cheery book, is it?)

I am always in need of cards, so my giveaway suggestion would be a card or 2.

ps that green bracelet is amazing - beautiful work!

Miaou said...

Simple bracelet sounds lovely.
Fave book? Ummmm ... I've got loads so I'll pick one at random ... Persuasion is up there with the best (another JA book!). Modernwise, probably The Time Traveller's Wife.

lucykate crafts... said...

hmm, favorite book, bit tricky as i don't get time to read much these days, it's mainly craft books!. so with that in mind, i would have to say betz white's book, warm fuzzies, as it's the one i'm finding the most inspirational right now.

for me it would have to be a bracelet, i think the holes in my ears have healed up its been that long since i wore any earrings!

SewToBed said...

Congratulations on getting to a century of blog posts.

Gosh - how do I pick my favourite book??

When I was younger it was "Jamaica Inn" by Daphne de Maurier and I own everything that Dick Francis has written and have worn out some copies!!

But if I had to pick one it would be "The English Governess at the Siamese Court" by Anna Leonowens - the true story behind my favourite film "The King & I". It's an inspirational story of a woman who helped change a country.

If I win I'd love a card or 2.

tillyboo said...

Hello, Lovely bracelet !
Hmm, favourite book ? I really enjoyed 'Searching For Tilly' and the 'Dark Materials' Trilogy by Philip Pullman. Oh, and 'The Racing Post' :)

Anything would be great in terms of a giveaway ...

Shirley said...

Hiya m'dear - am loving your bracelets :0)

I have a fave author (Terry Pratchett) rather than a fave book but I think if I really really had to choose one favourite it would be Night Watch by Mr P.

AnnieB said...

my current fave book is ottoline and the yellow cat - I am reading it to my daughter. It is a children's book but I am blown away by the inventiveness and wonderful pen and ink a bit stumped on adult books just now, don't have one clear favourite...

I'd love cards too, or a simple bracelet - can't do earrings unfortunately

Meridian Ariel said...

lovely work you have been doing. Fab Bracelets and fab cards too!

Favourite book.. thats really tough.. my fav kids book is The Dragon Machine. I have too many favourite authors and books though I love The Stand by Stephen King, Obsideion Butterfly bt Laurell K Hamiton, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, and anything by Bill Bryson.

Jane said...

Hi I found your blog with all it's amazing projects through the Inspirational blog, I am so pleased that I did, as I am sure i will be checking back regularly to see more of your work.

My favourite book....... I think it has to be 'Random Winds' by Belva Plain. I just disappear into another world when I read it {lost count of how many times now}

I also simply adore to read the unabridged version of Anna Sewell's 'Black Beauty'

Thank you so much for your inspiration!

Jane x

Lisa said...

What wonderfully beautiful creations you have made. I am new to your site and have been so inspired.
I love to read and have lots of favorites, but my all-time favorite is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

As for the hard to decide. Either one of your beautiful bracelets or a couple earrings.
Thank you!!!