Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A Daisy Bag for a Daisy Girl

This bag has been made for my son's 'girlfriend'. He is 6 and she is 7! It is her party on Sunday and he was really chuffed when I said I would make a bag for her. He thinks my makes are lovely (bless him). I really hope that, at 7, she is not too cool for a bag like this. She is fairly girly so should like the flower/pink combination.


AnnieB said...

gorgeous - lovely story behind it too - bet she loves it!

Shirley said...

Aw bless - that's so sweet getting you to make his girlfriend a pressie :0)

I bet she'll love it too - I've never known a 7 year old girl who could resist pink (in fact I've got a 14 year old & a 15 year old who still can't resist pink).

Whizzz said...

What a fantastic bag!

SewToBed said...

The bag is really gorgeous - really unusual fabric.

I'm sure she'll love it xx

Miaou said...

That's lovely, a really pretty bag,but in a very sophisticated style too - great combo for a 7 year old!

tillyboo said...

The bag is really sweet, very girly.
I'm sure she'll adore it and feel very grown up.