Sunday, 14 August 2011

Disappointment For a Fellow Crafter...oo Member

Isn't it awful when we get bad service? With the internet now available for practically anything you wish to buy, you would think that many companies would up their customer service. But it seems that this is not always the case. A fellow Crafter...oo member recently had terrible service and she has blogged about it here...Domestic Kat.

I have experienced bad service, from a Folksy seller, and it does leave a nasty taste in the mouth. However, I do feel that there is absolutely no excuse for this from established companies.


judy anderson said...

oh i agree. i order paper, just a couple of 12 x 12 and it arrived crease and some wrinkles. seller said she didn't have sturdy pkging. give me a break. i get stuff in sturdy pkging all the time. i never ordered from her again even though i really liked the paper.

Domestic Kat said...

Thanks suzanne for reposting this, I really appreciate it. People need to be aware of what they are letting themselves in for.